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Welcome to my corner of the QRP world. On this site I hope to pass along information, projects, and ideas to the QRP community. The articles will be of a mechanical, or construction nature, as opposed to circuit design.

Be Creative!  ....  Don't be a "Passive Consumer" of someone else's imagination.

Ken - wa4mnt

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Repackaged Weber MTR v2

2.5 GHz Helical wifi antenna project

Zero Backlash PTO Tuning Scheme

Small transmitting magnetic loop antenna (30m thru 10m)

Paraset Spy Radio replica project

How to fabricate a chassis from clad pcb material

Modifying an HP t5720 Thin Client into a Standalone Computer

Homemade SMD component placement device

How to drill round holes in thin sheetmetal

A Micro-Solder Pot

Chassis decorating

SLA battery w/solar charging for portable operation

4 Crystal Modification for the Hendricks DCxxB CW Transceiver

Video of making homemade pc boards

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